In your heart is where I belong

Take me into  the place where I belong with you

The place where love flows like oceans

Trust is like daily bread

I can’t live on this deadly planet filled with cheaters

Am waiting for you to come and be my hero

Rescue me from this dark place where everyone is screaming because of pain

My heart is bleeding come and heal my wounds

You are my guiding light …

Am stuck in darkness because you are my flash light

I look around …I can’t lie it’s a sweet light

You get me through the night and through the darkness

Take me into that place filled with your love

                                        So quiet and calm like ocean tides

So beautiful like the sunset

Take me into your heart the place I was meant to be

Take me to that place where we belong together…



My Promise


I broke many promises

but this one of loving you am going to keep it forever

        You give me friendship, comfort and love

When am with you am tasting the goodness of heaven

You bring something new in my life that I can’t afford to pay

I feel so special when am around you

I will never break my promise

Because you are my one and only

What binds us is memories and love

Out of my dreams and deep down my heart you are my special treasure

Without you I will be worthless, so I will rather die for your love

I will keep my promise

In you there is light that never shone on me before

I want you in my life forever

Baby you don’t know what it is like to love someone like you

The way l love you, I will be in hell if I lose you

I live and breathe for you

I will never break my promise ……

By Alister Grant (Phoebe)……

prisoner of my mind

…..Fear of rejection is killing me

To the rest of the world she must be just another girl

But to me she is the one who makes me smile

I can image myself with no other than her

Meeting her in life was definitely no coincidence

She worked her charm on me the first day we met

Her face is something that I could never forget

Words may never be enough to express what I feel for her

Love is so vast that nothing ever in this world will be enough to prove

She looks pretty damn hot to me

My world feels incomplete without her

Am only living in an imaginary world where l don’t belong

The only thing that keeps me here is her

I can’t tell my own reality anymore, because she consume me

I wish l could show her my love, for she has no clue

It’s very hard to say l love you to someone

Because am so afraid of losing her………




l miss you

You are so far away that I miss you so much

Sometimes I think it would be great if we could;

Store certain feelings   in a little box

I wish I was by your side right now

I wish I could feel your breathing close to me

I wish to see the sun reflecting in your eyes

Your absence is overwhelming

I don’t know what else l can do to stop this craving

You are my strength; l can’t do anything without you

Where are a u now, I’m dying of this hurricane pain

I need u so badly ,to feel your caring touch

And sensuality of our kisses

I wish someone will explain to me why our destiny is so cruel!!!

I miss u so much…………..



what is love

I never knew how to live

Until l knew how to love

True love can be felt more in silence than in words

Love is a feeling you feel when you feel that

You are going to feel a feeling that you’ve never felt before

It is not just because someone tell you they love you,

Doesn’t mean they actually do

Love is like a Rumour, everyone talks about it,

Love is a language spoken by everyone but understood only by heart

So when you can’t believe your eyes

You can always trust you heart

Because love makes anything possible

It is a risk to love because sometimes it will not work the way you like



“She dwells in my imaginary world

I can’t live without her in my real world

Where love is a symbol of eternity

With her by my side

I will feel like I’m the luckiest

Man alive to have

The most adorable, pretty,

Understanding and loving girl

If her heart was a prison

I would like to be sentenced for life

Falling in love with HER is the 2rd best thing in the world

 , Finding HER was the 1st thing l wanted

I wish my eyes could speak what my heart feels about her

Because my lips lie on what is true

My eyes couldn’t because even if l close them I could still see HER”.